Suddha Sama



Suddha Sama

Recipient of the Prashasti - Patra presented by the Late President Gyani Zail Singh. Sudha Sama is not new entrant to the field of art: She has been painting since childhood .Sudha Sama who is an alumni of Agra College, Agra (M.A, Drawing & Painting), has participated regularly in Exhibitions. She was awarded the College Merit Award in Drawing & Painting. Sudha as an artist has helped revive and keep alive the technique of\wash painting, Bengal School and has previously held group shows at . Lalit Kala Melas in Delhi. She has created magical, yet gentle changes in light and shade effect with wash technique which provide an ethereal backdrop. The women in her portraits seem so self-sufficient; here captured in various moods, epitomizing self-containment. Their ecstatic outpourings hold a certain mysterious enchantment for the viewer Sudha's landscapes range from warm earthy colours, with occasional blazes of orange; to cool the blue vistas of snowy mountains, rivers, rocks, azure skies, shimmering cities and hold a tantalizing mirror to nature.  Sudha's landscapes have a "mesmeric, yet dynamic quality spectator - communicating with these changing moods of nature.



what is your perception about art ?

For me Art is not just part of life; Art is life in its own way, a state of mind, like being possessed with a feeling of creativity. For me, Art is not just painting but the expression of beauty of life experiences, in worst situations where one cannot paint but be in the state of art ­spirituality drives me with everything, it heals me mentally as well as emotionally. Art is a driving force for the wheels of life voyages for me. I like people to view my experiences with Art in a state of happiness, calmness, and fill their spirits with positive emotions. I am grateful to GOD, who blessed me as an artist Himself.

​what/who was/has been your inspiration?

Since my childhood I saw my father doing pencil drawings and even my younger uncle was also good in painting. I don't know exactly when and how my love for Art developed. Due to this love for art I did my post graduation in Drawing & painting. I also started to pursue PhD in central Asian art, in Buddhist silk banners, but due to unfavorable circumstances I had to leave it in the end. Afterwards I started to paint again.


What are your thoughts on art as an investment?

For me it’s a bit difficult to speak on investment part. Because I am an artist, I know only how to create, if I think like a layman than I can say, it’s always good to purchase a good work of art for yourself, it always brings you positivity and a good feeling.


I see that the artists are divided by seniority …What are your views on senior artists vs. junior artists?

I would like to say that senior/ junior is a very complicated aspect in this field. My thought about this is maturity in work and creativeness should be considered, sometimes the years of working are counted by people as seniority.


You have been using the traditional wash techniques and the spot light effect; please educate us about the process.

Yes I have been using wash technique in my water colour works. I also love to paint in this technique it teaches patience because the process is very slow, in one painting you have to use 100 washes of colour to create a transparency in painting.


You are a very strong person, as we know you have faced and battled cancer, what changes has it got to your art?

During my illness, art made me a more cheerful person; it gave me courage, and made me a more understanding person, to understand my body, mind and soul. I didn't shake even for a second. I would like to comment here. ..I feel blessed to be an artist.


What do you want to convey to the art lovers by your art?

Art is a great healer; it fills all vacuum in life. So be positive, decorate walls with good positive art works so you can get positivity in life.


Your words of inspiration to the artists out there.

I feel that an artist likes to describe their art with their sole understanding and thus the viewers get connected with that message. Sometimes there is no need to do this... the viewers can understand it in their own way…but the artist should be ready to answer some curious viewers.

Art makes our mental hinges rust-free to increase our Vision; it eliminates all illusions if we desire to understand.