Ruchi Chadha

enchanted euphoria

Our cities are increasingly becoming concrete jungles, with no scope and space for nature to thrive. But where there is a will, there is a way. At least, artist Ruchi Chadha’s paintings make us believe in this  notion. Her artworks, mostly revolving around nature theme bring nature close to us in our abode and even in our living rooms. Ruchi did her BFA from Delhi College of Arts in 1993 but her art journey began quite early in childhood days , the artist perhaps felt the pinch of missing nature in life. For this reason, she found an affinity with nature and made it a theme to depict on her canvases. In this endeavour she experimented with various mediums and also with styles. Starting from the 90s, Ruchi experimented with various mediums like oil colours, watercolours, poster paints, pen and ink and finally switching over to acrylics which is now her favourite medium. Now, she is experimenting with the fusion of nature and abstraction together and is forming a new style. What has not changed all along this course is artist’s affinity with nature with all its vital elements. Her paintings present a tell-tale picture as well as reveal the dexterity of the artist. Her works revolve around life and establishes the fact that water is the main driving force of life as no life can exist without water. She has participated in several group shows across the country and her paintings are held in private collections in India and Abroad.

How did you begin your art journey?
I started painting very early in life and remember the days when my mother used to make beautiful sketches and drawings, though she was not a trained artist. That must have sowed the seeds of art in me.

 what is your perception about art ?
 Art cannot be expressed in words. One has to feel art to enjoy it's beauty. It comes from within, a joy of expression in form of color or any other medium used , it is being creative or rather it gives us a way to be creative. It is an expression of one's soul. It is something that aesthetically pleases your soul.

Please tell us about your experiments with art. How do you feel while experimenting with colours and themes?
I have been experimenting with a variety of mediums and also with styles. This is a kind of exploration of my inner self extending outward to my surroundings that constitute nature. Exploring the outer and inner world I have consciously chosen to follow the preaching of Buddha which helped me evolve as an artist. This can be observed in Zen like serenity in my paintings.

Lately I have seen that you moved to some amazing abstract art. What has drawn you towards it?
I think it is a growing process. When you start painting you paint what you see around you. You try to capture the beauty on canvas but as you evolve further as an artist it takes you to a different level and suddenly those shapes are no longer needed to express yourself. For me it has been a great change. Keshav Malik ji on seeing a change in my style told me that 'now you have evolved further as an artist. I see you growing.

How were you drawn to nature? What was the main driving force? 
Nature has always been an inspiration for me. Whenever, I look at nature I find a theme or something that inspires me. I feel closer to god when I paint nature in my works. Much of my inspiration comes from various travels. This apart, meditation and spiritualism energize me to create new artworks. Perhaps, being a resident of congested and cacophonic marketplace, a desire to escape from this crowded world makes me see nature with a new interest.

Your words of inspiration to the artists out there.
 To all my artist friends I would just like to say that paint to your heart’s content. Let your soul be your guiding force to express yourself. Never stop. Just keep on moving forward and create a newer you .