Pradeep Ahirwar


Pradeep Ahirwar

Pradeep Ahirwar born in 1972 in Bhopal, M.P., did his B.A. (Drawing and Painting) at Hamidia College, Bhopal, M.P., and then Intermediate grade drawing Diploma (Govt. of Maharashtra). Fascinated by, and enjoyed folk and tribal arts of India in his life. He had a natural inclination towards art since childhood. Always striving and curious to find something new in his viewpoint of finding happiness of life and his interpretation of how he feels and looks at nature, in a particular. He always thinks how to capture his thoughts into his art, finding ways to portray new and newer forms through beautiful colors; it’s a journey ho to express his viewpoint on canvas, of these ever progressive thoughts of nature. He says “Nature sheds around me a deep influence, and whenever I find myself be with my own self, I can perceive the soul of beauty in nature with its brilliant hues recollected and imprinted in and through my art. As my art makes my path clear to reach my destination, I find myself going along with nature. I feel as if flying with birds and clouds with wind in the vast blue sky as my companions, this is a strange relationship and so strong that it lingers till eternity.
The magic of these lines prevail over the whole universe and gives an identity to unknown objects of nature. All these lines find their evolution from that single line which when splits gives multitude lines and colors but this division is never still, it is ever transforming and moving my life for me. My art is also like these ever flowing lines and colors.
I believe abstraction can touch upon something primary about our direct perception of being human. I’m interested in connecting the complex relationships between the natural world and personal experience as they relate to color, scale, line, texture and direction. “
He has worked in Bharat Bhawan, graphics studio for past many years, and learnt about modern contemporary art and visual arts. He has participated in several Solo shows, Group shows and camps. His works are in collection with many Private and public collectors in India, London, Bangladesh, Malaysia, France Etc. Presently he lives and works as a Freelance Artist in Bhopal, (M.P.).


Q. what is your perception about art?
A.  Art according to me is the freedom to express myself, my feelings, how I look at life and its values and the nature that surrounds and supports us. It’s the happiness factor of life. Art is like a mirror which reflects the journey of the artist.

 Q. As you are fundamentally an abstract artist, what actually is an abstract, please define
A.  My journey from figurative to abstract has been natural. In my earlier days, when I was trying to understand art, and experimenting to incorporate subjects to my art, especially when experimenting with tribal art symbols and figurative subjects, it was a natural process to introspect about myself and where I see my art, how I observe and interpret various things I see, the sounds I listen to, the light and shadow of objects, the glow etc. It’s more of a feeling that I try and express through my colors. It’s a journey to discover things and interpret it. Deciphering my feelings of what I see, the light that flows and the sound that encapsulates around me, the entire journey makes me overwhelmed with emotions that take shape with my colors and I enjoy the entire process.
Q. What are the subjects that you use to incorporate your expressions in the compositions of your paintings?
A. I don’t have one fixed subject for my art, it depends on my mood or the circumstances  , or something that I get attracted to , the feelings generated or pain felt in the process , I try and express through my art. Maybe it’s the relationship with nature or in life, like last spring there were lot of birds frequenting my home, and I was naturally inclined to them, I was putting water and food for them. Early morning waking up to a colorful horizon and the melody of chirping birds had a huge influence on the work I did during that period. I feel that life is all about giving back to the society or nature at large, it’s about how I repay back to Mother Nature and the society, I try to depict through my art.

Q. What do you want to convey by your abstracts?
A. I feel art is a medium in life that gives peace and happiness not only to the artist but also to the ones who see the creations after the execution. Its lie encapsulating the life time; it’s like meditation, you connect to the power of God through your feelings and subjects, and then your expressions flow out. It’s my expression of what I see, how I see and how I feel on things happening around me, and how we should all work together in society to spread love and respect. I can’t imagine my life without art.

Q. I see that you generally work in acrylics, what other mediums attract you?
A. I have had my share of experimenting and using all kinds of mediums but now I usually work with acrylic paints but another medium that is very close to me and gives me comfort is dry pastels. To give tonal variations to my palette I use dry pastels with acrylics, it’s a great support and I feel it allows me to open up a spectrum of tones. My works are either acrylic or in mixed media (acrylic and dry pastels).

Q. You have also been associated with Tribal art; please tell us about tribal art.
A. right from my child hood I have been influenced tremendously with tribal art. Watching my mother paint the walls with ceremonial paintings during various festivals, brought me closer to art. During school I was privileged to visit the ‘Manav Sangrahalaya Bhopal” which I feel is one of the best places to see the vivid collection of different cultures of India, you can see nearly all the colors of Indian culture. Folk art of different regions can be seen there. It was here I felt a pull towards and understanding tribal and folk art, here I had the privilege to attend workshops held by some of the best folk and tribal artists in India. ‘Worli’ , ‘Rabadia’ , ‘Madhubani’ , ‘ miniatures’ to name a few. It has a massive influence in terms of colors and also symbols that you can see in my art.

 Q. How is duplication of art pieces threatening the art pieces and their investment value?
A. I believe art in itself is purity. Duplicating art, if you are in the process of learning or understanding it, its fine; and as you come to its understanding, it should be to express your feelings of your journey. Your art will speak of your journey as an artist – that is purity. In today’s time some artists, to generate enough means to support their livelihood, are duplicating art, and it’s very sad to see their own identity and creativity being lost in the process. Colors are for everyone, they are universal, but when an artist uses them with his own purity and honesty, they become the characteristics of that artist. I would just like to mention here, if you do your work with honesty and purity, one day you and your art will definitely be recognized.

Q. Your words of inspiration to the artists out there.
A. I would want the artists to have a connection with their art, and express their feelings with utmost honesty and purity. It will not only bring them peace and happiness but will make them a better person. This will help to have and sustain a healthy society. So be creative and be connected.