Poonam C. Tyagi

Qualified with Master of Arts in “Drawings & Paintings” , Poonam C. Tyagi consider herself as a symbolist artist , her works mainly depict  the emotions and sentiments through contemporary figurative paintings. 
She is inspired mainly with the female emotions and sentiments, who is a beloved, mother , sister etc. The female is the most beautiful and mystic which has drawn her attention very much. In her paintings, a woman who 
manifests a world that is haunted by the ancient myths, primordial energies of Eros, representation of erotic passion and sublime. In many of her works it takes the iconic image of a woman who is almost a contortionist.
She uses layering in acrylic as well as oil paintings with dry brush technique.

Q. What is your perception about art ?
A. To me it simply is obviously a form of expression. Every form of emotion has a different expression , and to me any form of art Is a medium to express oneself. 

Q. What/who was/has been your inspiration ?
A. My Father , I have always been a papa’s daughter. Though my father was not from art background, he was always fascinated by different kinds of arts , he had put up a small place in our home where he would do different kind of arts like ikebana making or working with clay , I grew up in such atmosphere , hence my inclination towards art.

Q. There’ a freshness about your work , it’s vibrant and yet so soothing and pleasing to the eye , how do you maintain that kind of freshness ?
A. We are surrounded by so many negative things. I want to show hope , Life, Happiness and positivity through my art. It should be in you … one can only reflect what I inside. Colors fascinate me , and also women to me represent celebration of life . In my paintings you will find happy and satisfied women full of emotions.

Q. Your works are layer of colors and textures , which create a fourth dimension to the art work, do you visualize the work before you start or is it more a spontaneous thing ?
A. Its always a spontaneous thing , I never plan my work , I just follow my heart and feelings , and it comes alive. I do not follow any regular format , if there Is a change in my mood , mental status or emotions , it would reflect a change in my paintings, it’s not a mathematical formula for me. I love to work in many layers and play of color because it gives you pleasure to look through the layers of emotions , it creates depth in the subject and generate interest. In my works the women you will notice a reflection of miniature style from kangra and pahari school . The women in my art are fulfilled with life , are loveable , attractive and full of happiness and mysterious .

Q. In your work I see surrealistic approach to show relationships , what do you project to the audience?
A. for a realistic view we can use a camera , what an artist feels or how an artist interprets what they see is surrealism to me. I show my imagination , my viewpoint through my art. Like if I show a man with a kettle head and a women holding a cup it shows a fulfilling relationship , It like poetry to me , to express my basic feelings , it the key to relate to the universe.

Q. What are your other passions/likes/hobbies ?
A. Apart from painting I also have an inclination to poetry , I have written many poems in hindi . I am trying to compile them into a book.

Q. Is there anything you would like to tell art lovers?
A. Be Connected… Art I not just a painting , It’s a way of living. In today’s materialistic world art provide a much needed respite , it gives you peace, happiness and a way to revive yourself.  It’s like being close to nature. It makes you travel into different worlds.

Q. Your words of inspiration to the artists out there ?
A.  Be expressive and honest towards yourself. When you paint , paint what makes you happy and with sincerity , don’t try and make for the market . Your work reflects your feelings and honesty.