Gaurav Chawla

Gaurav Chawla

Born with art, brought up in Delhi , inspired by what touches me.

Art has always been my passion since childhood.

Line and color shape a narrative to challenge and enthrall the viewer Feeling, texture, dimension, my works invite contact and extended viewing. I employ texture and light to communicate to the viewer, not only through the eye but by touch as well. I am inspired by abstraction in the nature...everywhere I see , I see abstract celebrations . Art is an expression of emotions and I express it with Colors , how important is "Explanation" about art work ? and why do we need a language to explain ? I have chosen a no language barrier in form of expression "Color"

I hope my paintings and drawings reach out to you as they do to me and should touch a positive chord inside you. My aim is to inspire emotion within the viewer, to allow him to feel a powerful connection. My art depicts beauty and spiritual expressions .

I paint mostly in Acrylic medium.

I have had several solo and group shows to my credit and have many of my paintings as collections in India and abroad.


House no. 10 , road no. 28 , East Punjabi Bagh,

New Delhi-110026


Mobile : +911-9891398880

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