Darius Chinoy

A PG in HR from XLRI Jamshedpur, Darius Chinoy Is a photographer by default. He is now a photographer who part-times as a training consultant, and does corporate film making and acting. He says he stumbled into photography in the year 1999 with his first camera (Olympus Trip 35), the result was a view to life he knew, he would never have experienced had he not taken up the lens. This has given him a level of patience and perspective beyond what he had in the past. Deeply motivated by beauty , he says “I haven't clicked professional models, just beautiful people. My weakness is without a doubt is beauty in its most natural form." 

Q. you have done B.B.M. , and have been training in finance , what drove you to photography ?
A. Well BBM, Training, Finance, my job etc all came much later after I had started clicking. :) 

Q. What are your other passions/likes/hobbies?
A. My grandfather once told me that its a short life and you should try to take up anything that interests you and do it passionately. Hence I started health training and martial arts and can be proud of the way I maintain my physique at the age of 38. Infact I compete with most guys who are 10 to 15 years younger in strength and endurance :). 

Q. Yo u say you like to travel , what impact does your travel have on your photography ?
A. It has a deep impact. Very profound is to keep it simply because it has a lot of emotion attached to it. 

 Q. What/who has been/is your inspiration?
 A. Nothing in particular but I was deprived the pleasure of travel and seeing India as a child hence I vowed that as an adult I would see India with an obsession.

Q.  How has your place and/or culture helped your photography or how you look at the subject?
A. I have no genetic origin to India, but I was born and raised here in the South of India. My culture is hence totally Indian and hence all my work has the India element in them. 

Q. every time I see your work , one thing i cant help noticing is the sky .. there is always a character to the sky in your Pictures …it’s like saying something to you …How do you bring about/maintain that kind of characteristics ?
A.As kids we all watch the clouds in the sky and wonder the marvels of mother nature. I was no different and that fascination continued as an adult. I travel to the mountains so often just to get close to the clouds and feel them. :) 

Q. you have taken so many workshops on photography , how does it feel to see your students grow ? how has your experience been with younger and mature students ?
A. It feels great and the right word is endearing to see the passion grow. They are all talented and all I do is just channel the creativity in them to the lens. 

Q. are you planning a travel journal on your trips to leh ?
A. Leh is breathtakingly beautiful but there are other beautiful sights of India too.

Q.  Your words of inspiration to the upcoming photography enthusiasts out there ?
A. Try to find the joy and beauty in the simplest things around us......