Ankur Rana

sangeeta-k Joy-of-Life-6 mirror-mirror

Ankur Rana a romantic at heart artist talks about love and romance and relevance of love in the world through his art. Born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Ankur Rana did an Art Appreciation course from the National Museum of art, new Delhi before doing BFA in painting from the College of Art in Delhi in 2003, and followed it with a further Master degree in painting from Lalit Kala Sansthan Agra. In his early days his varied experience during a creative project in re-designing Indian traditional pashmina Shawls with a Textile firm has impacted on his paintings in the form of motifs and designs. His compositions come in a colorful juxtaposition of pop imagery with contrasting background in bright palette with a liberal use of silver and metallic colors. His contemporary art style is a mix of pop art with a touch of surrealism and carrying a different concept in every second creation done by him.

He has received many accolades and awards in the past 15 years of his journey as an artist ,like for best lithography Art print in 2004 , awarded by AIFACS, Award by Embassy of Cuba for the painting "Motorcycle Diaries" on Che Guevara in 2007, to name a few . He has several solo and group shows besides being actively involved in art camps and other art projects. Rana works as a freelance artist based in Delhi.

His Artworks are in the collection of many private and government organizations and art galleries across the globe.

Q. What is your perception about art?

I feel Art is Love. A very common connotation associated with love is 'falling in love'. But it is amazing paradox that when we 'fall' in love we actually 'rise' in life. The pristine power of love changes the world around us and redefines your otherwise mundane existence. Its power is comparable to a divine healing touch, a revival of the soul.

Q. What/who was/has been your inspiration?

"LOVE ", it's always been love for me, may it be anything I just feel that with love in your life you will rise, its ecstasy … being on cloud 9 feeling. Everyone should experience it and be in love.

Q. Your artworks are Surreal and just out of a dream....what do you want to speak through your art?

"Make Love Not War" is my message, it is most evident in my works, all the elements and objects are expressing love. As humans we are flawed and we contain ourselves in shackles. But when love takes over, the shackles unbind all by themselves, the spirit is emancipated. In one of my other series of paintings on the same concept, "Chariots of Love" showing ancient aircraft flying and spreading heart shaped bombs again carrying that old but beautiful message, "Make Love Not War". It is Aviation art, with a concept of romanticism using ancient aircrafts when man made them to fly in the air and spread love through this discovery. It was the time when he discovered flying with airplanes and never used them to destroy humanity through bombarding on innocent people for the sake of war, so my aircrafts is spreading love not war.

Q. What are the subjects that you use to incorporate your expressions in the compositions of your paintings and why?

Its all about love and romance, I feel that everyone is in love , but with different things, some may feel attracted towards a beautiful woman other may be attracted to money or nature , wildlife, poetry , to each his own.

I feel everyone has a different story to tell. All of my paintings are different from the other, not only in composition, but also in subject. If you deeply study my works with their title and theme, you will notice that I never bind myself in creating an art style by making same kind of artworks with similar elements. I paint each canvas with a new subject with different figures, style and colour composition.

Q. What would you like to share with us regarding upcoming Indian art market globally?

The future of Indian art market is positive globally but I feel Indian artists need to put Indian essence in their art in form of Indian culture, people, beauty etc. no matter if they are influenced by western styles, but something of our land should be there in the artworks.

Q. There is a lot of experimentation being done globally with styles, mediums etc.... what do you think about experimentation by Indian artists?

I believe that Indian art market is going through a phase of experimentation from both the sides, artists and art collectors. New Artists are experimenting a lot in all mediums weather it is painting, sculpture or installations, its learning time also for artists as they are creating different artworks in the sense of color combination, composition, forms, and concepts.

Q. What are your thoughts on art as an investment?

Art should never be taken as an investment at all. I feel that it's a very personal thing for every individual buyer to collect a piece of art which he selects from thousands of artists for his bedroom's wall. He feels a connection with the artwork and the concept behind that. I believe that "The Art and the artist" comes first; other investment related things are far secondary.

The real investment for a collector & an art lover is the unique feeling he gets from the artwork he owns, and the attachment, growing love and happiness he receives from the artwork. This is something he develops by watching that artwork daily when he is passing by that wall or when he is watching it while having a cup of morning tea from his garden through the glass window of his home. I think that that's the real investment you get back from the artwork when that dancing lady in the painting becomes a close part of your family after some years of owning that piece of art.

Q. What would you like to tell the art lovers out there?

An art lover should feel form his heart to own an artwork. I feel the connection of beauty and love towards the art would surpass any other pleasure, I must say this again that it's a very personal connection for each individual.