About Us

One of India’s emerging contemporary artist, Gaurav Chawla began as a self-taught artist and his journey into the world of art is visible in his passion to paint, explore and express. His path to creativity influenced by contemporary art forms and culture in a style is largely his own. The New Delhi born artist began sketching as a child, filling up his school notebooks with landscape and portraits done in ballpoint pen. Inspired by life, without any formal training, he continued to experiment with various mediums while managing his professional business. However with an attack of optical neuritis in 2009, which left him with low vision and loss of colour in his right eye, Gaurav turned to art with more passion. He found solace in his studio, creating compelling stories on canvas with vivid colours, ironically. Gaurav’s sense of colour creates rich tones on canvas which depict passion and romance. Often characterized by a sense of enigma, his works of art using non-objective forms and figurative alliances, engages the viewer by inviting them to be a part of the canvas. The paintings have the ability to transport the viewer from reality to a mystical world where one can create their own stories.

With more than 40 successful shows of his work to his credit including the reputed Visual Arts Gallery, AIFACS, India Art Fair, Reorich Museum and Lalit Kala Academy, the hugely talented Gaurav creates gorgeous contemporary art with fine intricately detailed, multi-layered works filled with rich colors and dream-like background with his signature texture and imagery. Gaurav’s first commercial outing as an artist began with his series on Indian brides. Inspired by Indian cultures and traditions, Gaurav depicted various Indian brides like the Bengali, Gujrati, Rajasthani etc, all with ballpoint pen. The series was widely acclaimed and appreciated by the art world as the experiments that he has done with his debut series were really unique. Since then Gaurav has experimented with many mediums and forms and now found peace with his abstracts. He uses meditation as a tool for creating his works of art. He draws on all the positive energy around him and uses them as the colours, from his palette on to the canvas. For example, the viewer observe while red is often considered as an expression of anger, his hues of red are more towards warm, friendly and positive. He gives credit to this transformation to his meditation and feels he is able to pass all the positive energy from his meditation on to the canvas.

Inspired by life and its inherently colourful ambience embedded in day-today life whether it is the culture, traditions, shapes, the exhibition his works have a distinctly colourful edge to it. Gaurav’s  journey of finding inner peace through painting continues with his art and the artist doesn’t shy away from using a lot colours as to him, life without colours is nothing. He is attracted by everything he has seen around since childhood and his artworks are just an extension of the same. With his works over the years, one can see Gaurav’s journey as an artist that keeps refining itself with every set of artworks he makes.

Gaurav lives in New Delhi with his wife and children and continues to juggle between his professional and artistic career.